The snow geese have moved mainly into the central United States in all 4 major flyways as they push their way south into the northern parts of the southern states. There are reports starting to come in of snow geese already starting to show up in a lot of the southern states as we speak.

Central Flyway and Mississippi Flyway Report

In the Central and Mississippi Flyway they are calling for winter storms and possible blizzard conditions in the Midwest which again should keep pushing the mid-continental population of lesser snow geese south into the southern states as well.

Central & Mississippi Flyway Weather

Atlantic Flyway Report

In the Northeast around the Atlantic Flyway they are calling for cold and snowy conditions which should continue to push the greater snow geese south in that region.

Atlantic Flyway Weather

The Pacific Flyway Report

There are no significant weather systems currently being reported that will make much of an impact across the Northwestern United States, meaning the snow geese will most likely move south some but not much more or less causing a stall out in the locations they are currently found.